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Toyota 2JZ-GTE T4 turbomanifold 44mm V-band WG

Kvalitets manifold fra SPA turbo
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Toyota 2JZ-GTE turbomanifold med T4 flange

Denne manifold er lavet med T4 flange til turbolader. Wastegate er til 44mm. V-bandflange

Famous engine & car builder FSR Motorsports Creations uses this manifold, with a host of custom mods, read this from the FSR website:

  • "Why a cast manifold, why OUR cast manifold?  Our cast manifold has enormous runners and ports with over double the volume of other cast manifold kits on the market. It also is flow formed for smooth transitions and a big open collector. We port every manifold to flow the same as the ones you've seen making 1100 or more wheel horsepower.  Secondly, the wastegate placement, porting and modifications we do, along with the standard equipment high quality brand name wastegates we use mean that we can hold as low as ten pounds of boost with the standard 40mm wastegate!   For those of you that want to keep the wastegate hidden, we have a stealth mounting option available.  Also, our cast manifold makes installation and removal a breeze; we include a hardware kit that will get everything bolted up for you in a hurry. The cast manifold will direct more of the heat from the exhaust into the turbo which means more exhaust energy is focused on the turbine. That means quicker spool and more power! Lastly, we have not had a single failure with our exhaust manifold. The stock like installation goes along with the quality installs that you’ve come to know from FSR."
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